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[Jun.6,2017] The 7th General Meeting and Conference were held on May 15, 2017 in Seoul, Korea

1. Time & Date

May 15 2017 (Mon.) 12:00-18:00

2. Place

Cosmos Room, The Westin Chosun Seoul in South Korea (Map)

3. Schedule

・12:00 - 12:45 Luncheon Meeting (Steering Committee)
・14:00 - 14:15 AICF General Meeting
・14:15 - 18:00 Conference
・18:00 - 19:30 Banquet

4. General Meeting

(1) Country Representatives
    Nagaaki Ohyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Yoshiki Shibata (Maebashi Institute of Technology)
    Masayuki Takezawa (Sony)
    Joong-Sun Lee (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Ho-Hyeorn Han (Kyung Hee University), the Chairperson of AICF
    Ki-Han Lee (Seoul Women's University)
    Kyo-il Chung (ETRI), the Moderator of 2017 AICF General Meeting
    LIN Yih (Digital Applied Research and Technology)
    Joe Lee C S (EZ-LINK)
(2) Agenda
・Election of new Chairperson
・Invitation of new country member (China)
・Current status of APEC Transportation Card
・Future meeting procedures
・Scope of activities

5. Conference

  • (1) Session 1 - Digital Identity
    ・My Number Card in Japan (Prof. Nagaaki Ohyama)
    ・Singapore Standard Activities for Smart Card ID (Mr. Lin Yih,)
    ・Korea e-ID Status and Future (Dr. Kyo-il Chung)
  • (2) Session 2 - PKI, Digital Payment and Drone ID
    ・Current Digital Signature and Future in Korea (Prof. Ho-Hyeorn Han)
    ・Digital Payment Trend in Japan (Mr. Masayuki Takezawa)
    ・Digital Payment in Singapore (MR.Joe Lee C S)
    ・Drone Identification (Mr. LIN Yih)

6. Photos

 Meetings and Conference

2017 AICF Seminar
2017 AICF Seminar
2017 AICF Seminar
2017 AICF Seminar

 New findings in the streets of Seoul
AICF Seminar
AICF Seminar
AICF Seminar
AICF Seminar