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[Jul.01,2013]The 3rd General Meeting and The Seminar were
Held on April 4, 2013 in Tokyo

1. Time & Date

13:30 April 4, 2013 (Thu)

2. Place

Pegasus room, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

3. Schedule

  • 13:30 – 14:50 AICF General Meeting
  • 15:00 – 17:30 AICF/GP joint Seminar
  • 18:00 – 20:00 AICF/GP Welcome Party

4. Board members of AICF Steering Committee and General Meeting

  • Present :
  • Japan --
    Nagaaki Ohyama (Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, AICF chairman), Lee (Associate professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology), Takami (Hitachi), Kamoi (Toshiba), Uemura (Toppan Printing), Iino (Sony), Shibata (Professor at Maebashi Institute of Technology, AICF secretariat)
    Korea --
    Ki Han Lee (Professor at Seoul Women's University),
    and three other members
    Singapore --
    Lin Yih (Digital Applied Research and Technology),
    Lim Lark (Ministry of Home Affairs)
  • Proceedings of the General Meeting :
    1. Greeting from AICF secretariat (Nicss Shibata), Chairman Ohyama
      The 3rd AICF General Meeting started with calling it to order by Chairman Ohyama, followed by the seasonal greeting with the regretful comment that the full bloom of cherry blossoms had passed unexpectedly earlier this year. The photo was displayed by Lin Yih reminding the participants of the beautiful scenery of Japanese cherry blossoms at their best.
    2. Proposal relating to the necessity of the Asia Standard made by Professor Lee (Korea).
      Summary of proposal: While each member country has different standards depending on the areas they live, tourists can use seamlessly the cards issued in their areas within AICF member countries if a standard is established for the traffic system or AFC. This is highly advantageous for the tourists. In western countries, standardization of AFC is under way among their member countries. In Asia also, similar activities are needed. A system should be examined for the implementation by AICF member countries starting to study and take action toward an Asian standard and the participant countries accepting the standard in the final stage. To unite Asian countries, the standard will act as an “umbrella” to cover various specifications of each country. The first important step is to study standards of the member countries. Arrangements are to be made for railway operators to join AICF.
    3. Japan sounded China out on joining AICF,
      CUP (China Union Pay) was solicited as a candidate for Chinese representative through its Japanese branch, however it suspended the decision for the present to join AICF. On the other hand, there was such an information from Korea that Frank Xu, who was once one of the Chinese delegates of AICF, would join Chinese CUP and could participate in AICF. The Secretary will transfer this information to CUP Japanese branch, and persuade it again to join AICF.
    4. Explanation and bringing forward a motion in the change of AICF Chairman.
      Japan explained about the situation of changing AICF Chairman and proposed to elect new Chairman. Singapore and Korea did not second the Japanese proposal. They requested Prof. Ohyama to continue AICF Chairman until next General Meeting. It was agreed that Professor Ohyama remain as the Chairman serving another term and this issue be discussed again at the next General Meeting.
    5. Confirmation of AICF organization
      Confirmed without problems.
    6. Site of next AICF general meeting
      While Singapore was supposed to host the next general meeting in 2014 by principle of rotation, it was agreed that Korea take the charge of settling time and place for the meeting, as well as course of action including solicitation of EACOPS (East Asia Common Payment Scheme) members as part of study activities of common passenger tickets in Asia.
    7. Action items
      1Continue to solicit CUP. Japan 
      2Explore and propose the site and time for the next general meeting and communicate the result to the members.KoreaYear end
      3Sound out T-Money as the chairman of EACOPS on the joint meeting.KoreaYear end

5. GP/AICF joint seminar

  • The seminar was held with about 60 participants.
    1. AICF
      • (a) Introduction of PlugFest for NFC devices providing CEPAS features
         (Lin Yih & Lim Lark, Singapore)
      • (b) Situation of smart cards in Korea and proposal (Professor Lee, Korea)
      • (c) New eID card to be launched in 2016 (Professor Ohyama, Japan)
    2. GP
      • (a) Introduction of the recent situation to AICF by the operating officer
         (Kevin Gillick)
      • (b) Roadmap for global platform (Gil Bernabeu)
      • (c) Government task force (Jerome Becquart)

6. Photos