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[Aug.01,2016] The 6th General Meeting and GP-NICSS Joint Seminar were
held on Jul.26,2016 in Tokyo, Japan

1. Time & Date

Jul 26 2016(Tue.) 10:00-18:00

2. Place

Mars room, Tower building 4F, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Japan

3. Schedule

  1. 10:00 - 12:00: AICF General Meeting
  2. 12:00 - 14:00: AICF General Meeting and Lunch
  3. 14:00 - 18:00: GP-NICSS Joint Seminar
  4. 18:30 - 20:30: Banquet

4. General Meeting

    Japan --
    Nagaaki Ohyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Yoshiki Shibata (Maebashi Institute of Technology)
    Hiroshi Shimada (Fujitsu)
    Eikazu Niwano (NTT)
    Masayuki Takezawa (Sony)
    Masayoshi Nomura (Toppan)
    Joong-Sun Lee (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Korea --
    Ho-Hyeorn Han (NIPA), the Chairperson of AICF
    Kyo-il Chung (ETRI), the Moderator of 2016 AICF General Meeting
    Ki-Han Lee (Seoul Women's University)
    Soo-Kyung Lee (Seoul Women's University)
    Singapore --
    LIN Yih (Digital Applied Research and Technology)
(2) Agenda
  • AICF Home Page management
  • Setup Of Transport Card WG in AICF
  • Next Meeting
(3) Countries Update
  • Korea:APEC Transport Card (Prof.Ki-Han Lee)
  • Singapore:Updates from ITSC and TSAC WG7 (Mr. LIN Yih)
  • Japan:My Number Card (Prof. Nagaaki Ohyama)
(4) Discussins
  • AICF Home Page management
    > As the Secretariat moves from Japan to Korea, management of the AICF home page also transferred from NICSS to Seoul National University IC Card R&D Center
    > Domain name and hosting services remain unchanged in NTT Commutations of Japan in order not to bring out confusion every time when the Secretariat changes after chairperson’s term.
    > The incumbent Secretariat pays the management expenses to the service company through NICSS. This time Korea already remitted the fee to NICSS.
  • Setup Of Transport Card WG in AICF
    > Prof.Ki-Han LEE presented current movement the APEC transport card in the APEC Transportation Working Group (TPT-WG).
    > A transport card side meeting was held in APEC TPT-WG41 in Jeju of Korea on May 2015 followed by the first task force meeting of APEC Transport Card held in Seoul on 23 Feb 2016. APEC TPT-WG43 is scheduled on 6 Sep in Kuala Lumpur, and there is a transport card side meeting again.
    > The APEC Transport Card is a payment card used for any kind of public transportation within APEC member countries. The main object is to provide convenience for local people as well as foreign tourists, which can contribute to promote the tourism industry raising ICT level in the region. It resembles the idea of AICF saying ‘One card One Asia’. In this regard, AICF needs to keep pace with the movement of APEC TPT-WG and cooperate with it.
    > The scope of the APEC transport card is classified by 3 stages, public transport card, micro-payment card and ID card. APEC TPT-WG will focus its discussion on the stage 1 for the time being.
    > Japan and Korea have experimented with making a cross-border transport payment, and Singapore also have accomplished it with Korea. Chinese Union Pay has already started the commercial service in Korea for Chinese tourists to pay transport fare through Chia Mobile smartphone. The service is provided in collaboration with Korea T-money. All these cross-border transport payments are based on NFC.
    > Korea Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) will propose a pilot test at APEC TPT-WG43, The test is to perform multi-lateral interoperable operation of transport payment based on NFC among APEC countries, especially China, Japan and Singapore.
    > Prof.Ki-Han LEE will attend at the pilot test as an advisor of Korea MOLIT. He will monitor APEC TPT-WG activities and report them in the AICF meeting.
    > In the previous General Meeting, all the participants consented to setting up a transport card WG in AICF and decided to discuss in detail about it.
    > Transport Card WG is set up in AICF and its organizational aspects will be specifically determined later. They include the WG’s object, members and activities etc., and they are discussed to get approval in the next Steering Committee.
  • Next Meeting
    > In the previous General Meeting, the Steering Committee meeting was tentatively determined to be held in Japan around the end of October 2015. The meeting would have deliberated amendment of the By Law and discussed setting-up of the transport card WG in AICF. The the results of the meeting were expected to be approved in this General Meeting.
    > There is a need to hold the Steering Committee meeting before the end of the year.
    > Next Steering meeting will be held in Singapore between late November and early early December (decided in Luncheon Meeting)
(5) Wrap-up
  • > Transport Card WG is set up in AICF, and its organizational aspects will be specifically discussed to be approved in the next Steering Committee.
    > Next Steering meeting will be held in Singapore between late November and early early December.

5. Announcement

  • > From 13:30 to 17:30, GP-NICSS Secure Device Seminar is held at Pegasus room, Plaza building 1F, Hotel Chinzanso.
    > Global Platform Japan Task Force (JTF) and NICSS jointly hold the seminar.
    > All the AICF members are welcome to the seminar. AICF members, Prof.Ki-Han Lee and Mr.KIN Yih will give talks in the seminar, and Prof.Nagaaki Oyama and Dr.Kyo-il Chung participate in the panel discussion.
    > From 18:00 to 20:00 welcome party is held at Cassiopeia room in the same building.

6. Photos

Meeting in Hotel Chinzanso, Tokyo
           Kamakura, the old city filled with Japanese history and culture
Haneda Airport
Kamakura in 2016
Kamakura in 2016
Kamakura in 2016